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Morphe Brushes

This past week is my favorite part of each month, all of my subscription boxes arrive! Everyday last week I received a box, and a couple of days I received two! Yes, I know I have a problem, but I LOVE subscription boxes. I can’t decide which is my favorite, although getting new makeup brushes each month is pretty awesome, so Morphe would be at the top of my list!  The subscription is 19.99 a month and each month you receive at least 3 brushes.  This month we got 6!!! SIX!!!!!  Oh, such delight opening that envelope last week!  SIX brand new brushes!

In this month’s envelope, just like every month is a card listing the brush number and it’s purpose.  I’m going to list the brushes and the purpose so you will know how wonderful this little envelope really is!  So here we go:

M516-Angled Blender brush
M515-Detail Crease Liner brush
M502-Round Blender brush
M562-Tiny Crease Blender brush
M560-Detail Crease brush
M512-Round Contour brush

As you can see 5 of the 6 brushes are used for the eyes, and the last brush is a contouring brush.  Morphe brushes are incredibly soft, and I really enjoy using them.  The handles are durable and they hold up very well.

This month we also got a Glam Life sticker so we could Glam out all the time!  It’s just a cute little extra they threw in to celebrate their one year anniversary!  I can see Morphe brush subscription box going on for a long time as long as the quality continues to be top level like it is now.  If you want to join Morphe and get some great brushes each month, just click my link below and join me!  It’s really fun!!



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