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Bible Journaling-Expressive Bible Study Journal 101

Have you ever kept a journal? I have off and on and I love journals, and stickers, and any things of the sort, but I never stick with it long term. As a teenager, I was very dedicated to journaling, but it has been a long time since I’ve kept a journal regularly. I may never keep a daily journal again, but I’m really getting interested in Bible Journaling.  I’m not an artist, but I do enjoy to doodle, and to me, Bible journaling is a step above doodling, and it is an expressive way to study God’s Word.

Bible Journaling

What is Bible Journaling?  Do you actually write IN A BIBLE?  Is that wrong? Bible Journaling has become quite popular in the last few years.  It is an expressive way to study the Bible.  Yes, you actually write in the Bible, and draw in it even. It is not wrong to write in the Bible. I believe the Bible is sacred,but  I don’t believe writing in a Bible is wrong.  Studying any book requires note taking, and a good way to remember important passages is to underline important information.  The Bible is no different.  I have Bibles that are written in, and Bibles that are not, I like to keep some Bibles pristine.  When you are studying, and learning it’s good to have a way to look back and see what you thought was important!  Interested in Bible Journaling?  Get ready to write in a Bible!

Some of my old Bibles that I’ve used for studying.

Where to start

Shopping for a journaling Bible is the first step.  There are plenty of places to purchase a Bible, Christian Bookstores, in person or online, and of course Amazon.  There are different translations so you can choose which text is right for you.  My favorite version of the Bible is currently The New American Standard edition, but I have not found a journaling Bible in that version.  I have chosen The New King James version to use as my Bible Journal.  There are King James (KJV), New International Version (NIV), English Standard Version (ESV) and many more, it all depends on what you want.

Inside each Bible offers different options.  Some have blank margins that allow you to create whatever you want in the margins, pictures, notes, whatever, while others have pre printed designs to color in.  It all depends what you want to do in your journaling which Bible is best for you!
Bibles (click the link to choose yours now!)

Basic Journal Supplies

This topic can open you up to falling down a rabbit hole!  The possibilities for supplies are endless, and can get expensive.  Start simply, and don’t overspend.  Make sure this is something you want to do, before it costs you too much money!  The basic list, but it’s a good starting point!


Journaling Supplies  Shop now!!!


Look out for the rabbit hole!!!!! This is where I get into big trouble!  Embellishments are add ons to your journal pages.  They are totally optional.  Embellishments include, Stickers, washi tape, glitter (if you want to get messy!) and chipboard letters.  Once I get further into the journaling process I will do another post detailing more in depth supplies.  This can get expensive fast, so be mindful of what you are choosing and what you are using in this process.

Final Thoughts

Bible Journaling is not about the art work.  It’s a form of worship, and connecting deeper to God’s Word. Don’t let all the pretty sparkly things distract you from growing in knowledge as you study the Word.  I am new at this, and I’m looking forward to growing in God’s truth as I study, but I’m also looking forward to the journaling process.  If you’re joining me in this leave me a comment and let’s do this together!


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  1. Love this idea! I always highlight but I like the idea of having more of a rhyme and reason to it!

    1. Follow along and we can do it together! Amazon has a ton of smaller devotionals for journaling too, if you wanted to start small!

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