I am SuperMom

I am Super Mom! I am Super tired, Super broke, Super worried, Super protective, yep, I’m Super Mom! Do you feel that way too?  I know everyday motherhood brings a new challenge, one I’m ready for usually, but still a new challenge.


We live in a crazy world.  In society today the role of a Mom has several different meanings.  There are stay at home moms, working moms, single moms, married moms, all different kinds of moms and there seems to be so much pressure on moms these days.  I get emails and Facebook messages that critique my parenting and sometimes, I just have to laugh, because if I took it seriously I would be devastated by what people think of me!  Mind you, most of these are people that don’t really know me or my kids, but these days everyone has an opinion!

I have 3 kids, ages 13(boy), 11(girl) and 10(boy).  My 13 year old and 11 year old both have Autism, and my 11 year old, proudly has Asthma (he has always been a little upset that he doesn’t have Autism too, so when he was diagnosed with mild Asthma he was thrilled!) Life in this house is rarely uneventful! Life in this house is rarely quiet!  But life in this house is full, challenging, but full! Do you find yourself in this same situation?  Life is good, full, and challenging, but life is good?

Super Mom in 2018

It’s hard to be the type of Mom that does everything these days.  Moms are expected to do so much, and we still only have 24 hours in a day.  We cook, clean, drive kids here and there, and we have household chores to do. We are expected to help our kids with their school work, when we barely understand it ourselves.  Some of us have help, some of us do not, but we all love our children and want what is  best for them.

Anymore it’s not about doing everything as a mom, it’s about being present with your kids!  Life has so many distractions, cell phones, computers, social media and many more, so we need to focus on being present for our kids.  It sometimes takes effort, but the long term effects are well worth the effort.

In the Bible God gave us a role model. We have taken this role model and let all that she did intimidate us.  Proverbs 31, isn’t to remind us of our short comings, it was written to show us what a Godly wife can accomplish.  I don’t believe God expects us all to be the complete Proverbs 31 woman, but I do believe He expects us to rely on Him, and not ourselves and be the best woman we can be.

I think the most important verse in this whole passage is verse 28,


One day, probably when they are out on their own and realize they don’t know it all, your children will called you blessed!  And if you have a husband he better be doing that now!!

Hang in there Moms, being Super Mom is hard, especially when you’re a Super Mom like me!



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