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Like a fallen sparrow I lie on the ground
broken, bruised, bleeding and dying.
I tried to fly
but my wings weren’t ready.
You told me to wait,
but I had to fly.
And when I felt the wind was right,
I took off.
I soared high into the heavens
gaining confidence as I soared higher and higher
As I flew I grew proud of my skill.
Then, unexpectedly, the winds changed,
I was not prepared and I faltered.
I fell from lofty heights
and crashed to the ground, bruised, bleeding, and broken.
In my pain I feel Your hands reach down to me.
You pick me up.
You bandage my broken wings,
and soothe my bruised body.
You take me back into the nest where I am safe and warm.
In time, my wounds heal.
I’m ready to fly again.
This time you guide me-I follow.
This time you teach me-I learn.
Then when You say the time is right,
I wait for you…
You say I’m ready.
Just as the wind is right
You gently nudge me from the nest…
I start to fall-
but then I remember what You showed me
I remember what You taught me,
I spread my wings-
I catch the wind-
And I fly.

About this poem

I wrote this poem back in 2006, and it speaks to me over and over again.  I wish I could say that this is a lesson I learned on the first try, but like any other person, I didn’t.  God never gave up on me and He continues to teach me.  There are times that I still fall, and there are times that I’m still broken, and bruised, but God is always faithful.  He never leaves me, and I know He never will! I do learn from those times, and I take those lessons with me.  God wants us all to soar, and fly high, but He wants us to follow His lead and not our own!



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