Relaunch, Redo, whatever!

I’m starting again. I’m going to get this blog up and going again. I’m not sure what direction I’m going here, but I know it’s an important part of my long term goals, so I’ll figure it out as I go along.

I started blogging several years ago on a blogger site. I had it going and then switched to another site before finding my way to WordPress. I blogged on the free site for awhile and then took the plunge and bought my own domain. I love to write, I just don’t always know what to write about. When I started this blog and was blogging about makeup and beauty, I felt I needed a forum that added more than words on a page. I started my YouTube channel, (shameless plug), and my blog took a backseat to that. I started Instagram, (another shameless plug), and still my blog just sat here. I’ve been reading and researching and trying to find what I want to be when I grow up and my blog came back into my mind. I want a place to talk. I want a place to write, and I want a place to connect with people that aren’t makeup crazy and just want to hang out. That’s where my blog comes in. I’m creating a brand. I have a picture in my head of what I want Southern Girl in Arizona to be, and it’s not just a blogger, a YouTube, or Instgramer. It’s a combination of all three. So here’s the deal, if you want the makeup part of Southern Girl in Arizona, check out YouTube and Instagram and come here for coffee and a chat. If you’re not into YouTube or Instagram then hang out here with me and let’s be friends. Everyone tells me I need to narrow down my topics to two or three, but I just want a place to share with you what’s going on in my life. So that’s what this blog will be. I’m not going to be an Autism expert, or Beauty Guru, or anything else that puts me in a corner. I’m just going to be me and invite you all to join me. I may have Autism information here, I know I’ll have Beauty information here, but more than anything I’m just going to be me here!

I will have affiliate links, and other money making functions for this blog, at no time do I want you to feel pressured to use my links or anything.  I monetize this blog to help support my family, but I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable using affiliate links if you don’t want to.  Don’t worry, I will tell you in each post if there are affiliate links used (I’m required to, but I want you to know up front)!

I’d love for you to subscribe and join me as I develop this vision for Southern Girl in Arizona.  Please feel free to leave me comments, questions or just statements in general.  Let’s get to know each other!


  1. Debb

    Love your vision. Yes, don’t always listen to experts. Following your vision and instincts is what will feed your soul. Keep at it. 😀

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