March Madness-Too Faced Style

It’s that time of the year when people start to get crazy for basketball. I understand this, I lived in Indiana, I remember all the hype! But for me, it’s not basketball that makes me crazy. What makes me crazy is the new season of Summer releases for MAKEUP!!!! So far this season is no exception, the new products are so pretty! Do you know how much I like pretty and shiny new things? It’s not like, it’s LOVE! I love new shiny, and pretty makeup! I love it!

This post will focus on what’s new from Too Faced, and going by the pictures they are not disappointing! Too Faced is a cruelty free company that is owned by Estee Lauder. Now, I know that Estee Lauder is not cruelty free, but since Too Faced is I will continue to purchase their products.  I am a big Too Faced collector.  I love the makeup, and they always get me with the packaging and pretty colors!

So let’s get into these!  Already released is the new Too Faced Peanut Butter and Honey Palette.  This is one of Too Faced nine pan palettes housed in a tin case.  This palette is available on Too Faced’s website and at Ulta and their website as well.  I ordered mine today!  I have seen a few reviews on this palette already because it was available for early release from Ulta for Platinum members. Once I have it in my hot little hands, I will do a full review for you!

Next from Too Faced is the Natural Love Palette.  This palette contains 30 shadows and will retail for $59. This is the largest palette that Too Faced has ever released.  There are some old favorite shadows in the palette as well as new shadows.  The company merged all your favorite shadows from its popular Natural palettes, as well as a shade or two from the Nikkie Tutorials The Power of Makeup Palette. Here are a few that may sound familiar: Honey Pot (a yellow gold), Chocolate Martini (a shimmery dark chocolate), and Heaven (a cream). There are also some new hues that are fresh for the Natural Love Palette including Bunny Nose (a pinky mauve) and Poodle (a pale pink).  It has a nice big mirror and it looks like Spring and Summer in a palette.  I will say I hope this is better quality than the Grand Cafe Chocolate Palette that was released for Christmas.  Too Faced has been criticized for the inconsistency of their palettes, especially the larger ones.  Let’s just hope this one doesn’t fall into that category!

There are six new liquid lipsticks for this release.  They have some great names like Wicked, Granny Panties, Wine Not?, Suck It, Holy Chic and Jawbreaker.  These will retail for $21.  Personally, I love the Too Faced liquid lipsticks.  I wear them a lot and I’ve never had a bad thing to say about them!


Another addition to this beautiful collection is the Too Faced Chocolate Brownie Eyebrow Pencil.  Too Faced’s first-ever brow pencil debuted on HSN and is currently is only available there.   On March 9th you’ll be able to shop for it on  The pencil is packed with cocoa that said to condition the eyebrows  and tint them for up to 12 hours.  The pencil is available in 8 shades and best of all it smells like BROWNIES!!!!!

Lastly, in this collection is what I believe is the best part of it!  Highlighters, The Love Light Highlighters!  These pretty, pretty, shine like a lighthouse in a storm, highlighters!  Remember how I said I liked pretty and shiny things??? Well,  these beauties deliver in both areas!  The heart compact is similar to the Love Flush blush compacts, but are packed with metallic goodness that will light up your face! The Love Light Highlighter will come in three shimmery shades: You Light Up My Life (a silver), Blinded by the Light (a gold), and Ray of Light (a rose-gold).  These babies will add a new level of shine to your highlight collection!  I loved the Peach Glow Palette and I think these will even top that!  Take a moment as you gaze upon these pretty hearts!  Oh March 9th please hurry!!!

Which ones are you looking forward to the most?  I’m sure you can guess which is my favorite so far!  Let me know what catches your eye!  Do you love Too Faced as much as I do???  Talk to me!!!

Talk to ya’ll later,



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