Makeup Brush Monday!

First day of the work week and it’s time for a Makeup Brush Monday!! Today’s makeup brush is all about baking! Do you bake? I’m an avid baker! For those who don’t know I’m not talking about cooking! In the makeup world baking is a term used for setting the foundation, and/or concealer to prevent from creasing as the day goes along. To bake you apply a good amount of powder under your eyes, at your nose, your forehead, chin, wherever you need to set the powder in.  After the powder sits for a few minutes you brush away the excess and your makeup is baked!  For me that means less touch ups through the day and a lot less creasing!  Now a word of advice, baking will not prevent sub par makeup from creasing.  As always, you should use the best brand that is available for you to use.  Don’t get caught up in the hype, this doesn’t have to mean high end makeup.  There are some really great drugstore foundations and concealers.  I will say I do find a difference in powders, so that will have to be a trial and error process for you.  I just recently purchased RCMA no color powder and, for me, this is now a holy grail!  I love it!  I finally found a powder that sticks to my brush and really stays on for baking!  Who knew a powder could bring so much joy!  I ordered my RCMA powder from Beautylish! (not an affiliate link!)

Now to the star of the post!  The baking brush!  I have used beauty blenders, regular brushes, regular makeup sponges and nothing worked very well for me, until I found the Sigma Bake Kabuki F89 brush.  (this is not an affiliate link, just wanted you to be able to find the brush!)

This lovely brush is angled just perfectly for baking under the eyes, the chin and forehead!  It works great!

And now to show you baking in action, just remember I told ya’ll I LOVE baking and I LOVE powder!!!  You don’t have to be this extreme, it’s just my way of baking!  Also, I forgot I had my reading glasses on my head when I took these pictures, but I’m going with it because I didn’t want to take off my foundation and start over again!  So you were warned!! LOL


There you have it, the baking process!!!

Talk to ya’ll soon!


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  1. Lol THIS is the only kind of baking I do too!! Great explanation 🙂

    1. I so love my setting powder!!!

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