Stilia Cosmetics

This is an impromptu post to announce some exciting news! Stila Cosmetics have pulled out of selling in China and they are now CRUELTY FREE!!!!!!!

I have always wanted to try their cosmetics, but because they sold in China they tested on animals, and since I am committed to cruelty free cosmetics I never tried the brand.  Now I can!!!!!!

This is their Facebook page  please go to their page and tell them how much you appreciate the company going cruelty free!!!  Then head to their website and shop until you have one of everything you need!!

I may seem overly excited by this news, but here’s why, for a business to pull out of China to commit to being cruelty free is huge! China is huge, and I’m sure the revenue there is big, so this company is taking a stand to be cruelty free, and they are willing to lose revenue to do it.  That makes me happy that a big company would do that!  So please, if you need makeup, and who doesn’t, go to their website or a store that sells Stilia and support them!

Check here tomorrow for a review on Glossier products!  I’ll certainly be doing a review on Stila soon!!

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