Project Pan 2017

I have finally decided what products I want to incorporate into Project Pan 2017.  In case you don’t know, Project Pan is a current hot topic in the makeup world, and it’s all about using the products you have!  The goal is to hit pan or totally use up the product.  Like any good makeup junkie, I have a vast collection of makeup.  My collection is certainly on the beginner level compared to many others, but I do have a collection!  I particularly love eyeshadow palettes!  Oh, they are so pretty, and so sparkly and so so wonderful!  I love them.  I also love blush palettes, and lipsticks, and..never mind, I love it all!  Because I love it all I have a tendency not to use my products before buying more, and I really don’t want to be wasteful, so it’s time to start Project Pan 2017.

Here is the list of the products I will use more of in the next two months.  I will update my progress as I go, but by April 30, 2017, I want to have a significant amount of usage of these products.  I may even finish a few them totally.  Here we go:

  1. Tarte Swamp Queen Palette-by the end of April, I want to have significantly used the blush and eyeshadow.  I probably won’t hit pan on this one by then, but at least to have a little dent in the products.
  2. Too Faced Peppermint Mocha Palette-I should be able to hit pan on some of these shadows by the end of April.  I love these bright colors and it shouldn’t be hard to use!
  3. Elf Color correcting powder-I use this almost everyday to set my makeup.  I have already hit pan on this and I’m certain by the end of April I will have it used to the edges of the pan, if not totally gone. This is one of two products I will repurchase if  I use it before the end of April.
  4. Smashbox Brow Tech-Now I have had this for a very long time.  I just don’t fuss with my eyebrows that much, but I’m going to start.  I’m not a big fan of the gel, but I do love the pencil, and it’s the perfect shade for my eyebrows.
  5. Urban Decay eyeshadow primer-This one is a sample size, so it should be gone before the end of April.
  6. It Cosmetics CC Cream + Illumination-this has not been my favorite foundation, so I need to use it up and move on!
  7. Tarte Finishing powder-I use this product to set my makeup everyday I wear makeup.  I don’t know if I can use it all by the end of April, but I will try! This would be the other product I would repurchase.  It’s my favorite, and I don’t really have another finishing powder.
  8. Finally the last product in my Project Pan list is Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara.  It’s a deluxe sample size, and it shouldn’t be too hard to use!   I have a ton of mascara, and I need to use them before it’s time to get rid of them.  I try not to keep them longer than 6-8 months, depending on when I open it!

So this is my list, and hopefully I will have some serious pan showing by the time I update!




  1. I love you pics in this post. I’m not a makeup junkie or wear much of it but I think its beautiful and one day I’ll get glammed up Lol. .I will follow your project sounds very interesting ☺

    1. SoutherngirlinArizona SoutherngirlinArizona

      Thanks Shauna! I’ve been a makeup junkie for a long time! I loved it when I was a kid, and now I get to actually have my own! Send me a picture when you do glam up!

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