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BarkBox Arrived

Before we get started this post does contain affiliate links!  I’m obligated to tell you this, so you’ve been told! Now let’s talk subscription boxes!

You all are thinking, “what does this post have to do with Makeup?”  Well, nothing at all, but I do love subscription boxes so it fits into that category.  Besides you get to see pictures of my cute doggies!!!

This is my dog’s favorite day of the month, the day their BarkBox arrives. Now I don’t know what the box is scented with but as soon as we bring the mail in they go crazy! I don’t even have to open the box and they are all over it!

For those that don’t know BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs! (of course)  It’s $21.98 a month for the small size, and they have a medium and large size as well.  My dogs are both Brussels Griffons, and a small size is perfect for them.  Each month they get 2 toys and usually 3 treats, and they love it!  Deuce Man is 19 lbs and 3 years old, and Penny Lane is 9 lbs and 6 years old, and for them the small size is perfectly fine!

Just like other subscription boxes the BarkBox has a theme each month.  This month the theme is Safari.  The treats come in a regular box, and wrapped with paper to match the theme.

This month the dogs got two squeaky toys, one is the Safari guide with his snake friend, and the other is the Lion! ROAR!!!!  Each month the toys that come in BarkBox are solid and good quality, and the dogs have loved every toy they have received from BarkBox!  That’s not something I can say about all the toys I get them!

Now for the treats!!  This month they received, Butcher’s Block Bones 3″ Krunchie Tubes.  The front label says they are a natural source of Glucosomine and Chondroitin.  The second treat is I’d Rather Be With My Dog Paleo Grain, Gluten and Soy Free Trainers treats.  The flavor is Lamb and Sweet Potato.  For my dogs they will just be regular treats, because no matter how hard we’ve tried there’s not a lot of training them!  Brussel Griffons, Griffs for short, are notoriously stubborn!  The final treat was a bag of Koha Jerky Bites Wild Game Flavor, also grain free and made in the USA.  You can tell from the picture that they couldn’t wait for me to take pictures before opening the bag.  They were practicley on top of me until I opened them!

This subscription is certainly a fun box for them, and even through they are spoiled rotten and don’t need anything, I look forward to seeing their reaction each month!

Below is my BarkBox subscription link, check out the different options they offer for different sized dogs!  I know your dogs will love it!  Also, at the time of this post, Ebates is offering a $7.50 rebate for the subscription.

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