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Christmas Fashion

I want to start this post by boldly declaring that I am not a fashion model! In no way do I pretend to be runway ready, but for now I’m all I’ve got, so I do what I have to do!  Having said all of that let’s dive right into Christmas Day fashion.  Here’s my Christmas look:

I am wearing the Mickey Filigree Print Skater Dress from Torrid.  It’s a stretchy fit knit dress with a scoop neckline.  It’s very comfortable to wear.  I ordered one size larger than normal just because I wanted to be sure with a stretchy fit it wasn’t too tight.  I’m glad I went up a size.  The dress, as you see, is knee length and short sleeved.   My tights are from The Avenue and are the best fitting tights I’ve ever worn.   They don’t cut into my legs, and I don’t feel like I was poured into them.  My shoes are from Torrid and are a soft suede like Mary Jane, with a bow strap across the ankle, and a nice wedge.  I really don’t need anything to add height, but flat shoes just didn’t look right with the dress.  I had some red flats to bring out the Mickey look, but they just didn’t look good with the dress.

I have added links to the dress and the shoes.  I cannot find a link for the tights, so they may be in stores only at this point, but any tights at The Avenue are really good!

I kind of have a love hate relationship with clothes.  I love them, but I find it hard to find styles that are flattering on me.  As I grow this blog, I will be exploring more and more fashion.  I won’t always be the model, but I will always tell you what I think of what I’m wearing.

Talk to ya’ll later,


P.S. My makeup on Christmas was the Tarte Swamp Girl Palette!

As a bonus here are a few other pics from Christmas.

Christmas fashion
Self on the way to church
another cute selfie
this is what I think all my selfies really look like.

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