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Boxycharm, how do I love thee

Welcome to my first Boxycharm review! As you know I love subscription boxes, and this past week was delivery of all of my boxes!  It makes me happy to get presents in the middle of the month, presents to me and from me, since I pay for the subscriptions.  I just love them.  Boxycharm is a new box for me and I decided to spend the extra and subscribe because each month they send 5 full size products to their subscribers.  FIVE FULL SIZE PRODUCTS! The cost is 21.00 per month, but the value of the box is over $100.00 and they are FULL SIZED products!  For me, it is totally worth it.  Did I mention they are FULL SIZE?? I know I keep saying it, but it still is pretty cool for a subscription box!

This month the theme for Boxycharm Decemeber is Makeup on Pointe. Each box comes nicely boxed in a black box with white lettering.  Inside the box is a bunch of great products for you to try.  This month we received Pure Causemetics Eyeshadow Palette, Butter London Nail Lacquer, OFRA Metallic Liquid Lipstick, Beauty for Real Lip Revial Scrub, and Thrive Cosmetics Brilliant Eye Brightener.  All of these products are full sized and total retail value for this box is right at $125.00.  All for $21.00 a month!   For me Boxycharm is an excellent value.  All of the products in this month’s Boxycharm are cruelty free which is a huge selling point for me!  Be nice to all creatures ya know?!

The Pure Casusemetics palette is gorgeous!  In my opinion, this is an exact dupe for Urban Decay Naked 3.  The names are different, of course, but the shades are very very close.  I’ll put them side by side and you tell me what you think.  As far as quality, Pure Causemetics is a high quality shadow.  I like this palette and if I didn’t already have Naked 3 it would be a go to product.

Butter London nail polish is a pretty deep red shade.  I’ll be honest, my nails aren’t the best.  They break so easily that I hardly wear polish, but this will definitely  go to shade for pedicures!  ORFA’s metallic lipstick is bright purple!!!! Now I know I’m getting older, and for a long time I didn’t think I could wear bright purple, but I love it!  It’s bright and bold, and gets noticed!  I like that! Until this month I had never tried Beauty for Real, but I do love this lip scrub.  It’s not sticky, or heavy, it smells really good, and my lips are so soft after using it. The last product in the box is Thrive Cosmetics Brilliant Eye Brightener.  I have not used this product yet, but Boxycharm recommends using it on the inner and outer corner of the eye and under the brow bone.  This is one I will try soon.  I have enjoyed all the other products so I don’t think this will be any different. December’s Boxycharm was fabulous!

On the Boxycharm website, there were other products listed for December.  Not everyone gets the same box.  I am thrilled with my box for December!  Some of the other products were Makeup Eraser Mini, Butter London Eye Pencil, Makeup Geek had a lip liner, and there were other products as well.  If you subscribe to Boxycharm what did you get in your box?  Leave me a comment, send me a picture and share with me your opinions!  If you don’t get Boxycharm, but can’t live without it now below is my subscription link so you can join in the fun!

If you enjoy my subscription box reviews, don’t worry I have more coming!  My mailman worked hard last week delivering to me!  I’d love to hear from you, leave me a comment, send me an email tell what’s fun in your life!

Talk to ya’ll later



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