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Only two more boxes to go!  Today I’m reviewing Benevolent Box for the month of Decemeber.  I subscribed to Benevelont Box for several reasons.  First, all of the products are cruelty free.  Second, The products are full sized products, and third, I hadn’t heard too much about Benevelont Box so I was curious and wanted to try something new.  I have not been disappointed.  This is the third box I have received, and I love it.  The Benevolent Box has two subscription offers, the first one is the mini box.  In the mini you receive 2- 3 full size sample products.  The other choice is the VIP box, which has 5-7 full size products.  I chose the VIP box!  The mini is $15.95 a month and the VIP is $29.95.  When I joined I was trying to build my knowledge of cruelty free products so I went for the bigger box.  I have been so impressed with the box each time I received it that I chose to stay with the larger box. Usually, there are coupon codes that make the box a little bit less expensive, and of course there are options to join for 3 months or longer, and that saves a bit of money too.

The Benevolent box is delivered in the packaging box, which works for me.  I’m not a box collector so once I put my products away I can just recycle the box with no guilt!  (pretty boxes are hard to get rid of!)

As with other boxes Benevolent box comes with a card that introduces the products.  It’s not a fancy card, but again, once I have the info it’s easy for me to recycle the card.  I don’t like to keep unnecessary paper.  I read it, keep it until I don’t need the information and then recycle.  It works for me!


Now for the products!  Isn’t that the best part?  This box contained 6 full size products, and again, they are all cruelty free.  Let’s start with Beautiful Birdie Full Lash Mascara. It’s a waterproof, smudge proof black mascara.  There’s no scent to it, and when I applied it the application was smooth, no flaking and looked nice.  Bunny Bath and Body Jolt Caffeine Serum.  The serum is caffeine infused and to be used under the eye.  The product is to help relieve puffy eyes, and help repair your skin.  It is recommended to apply in the morning and the night.  To continue with the coffee items, they included Dirty Lamb Coffee Scrub.   I haven’t tried this yet, but I am going to.  I mean coffee for your face? What could be wrong with that?  The description says the product will help remove grime and dirt and leave your face soft and smooth.  Next are the makeup products.  Girlactik Sparkle Eyeliner was included in the box in the color Champange.  It can be used as an eyeliner or over eyeshadow for a little sparkle.  I am going to love this product!  I love sparkle!!!  No such thing as too much sparkle!!!!  Also in the box is the Girlactik Black Star Base eyeliner.  I need to practice with eyeliner, so this will be a good one to use!  I’m not the best at straight lines, so every bit of practice helps!  Benevolent didn’t forget the cheeks!  Manna Kadar Blush  in the shade Paradise is in the box too.  It’s a dark shade, but applies so flawlessly.  The color leans towards a coral, but is silky smooth when applied.  The last product is Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap Face Wash.  The product card states it is based on an ancient African formula, using REAL African Black Soap.  This is a mircodermabrasion product to get rid of dead skin and help fight acne.  It also works wonders on aging skin!  That is the product for me!  The product doesn’t say,  but I would guess this is a once in awhile product.  I can’t imagine using a microdermabrasion product daily.

I really like this box.  It’s a good value and good products.  I had a couple of minor issues at the beginning of my subscription because I upgraded to the VIP box and there was an issue with that, but I contacted the company, and the issue was taken care of immediately. The  customer service is fabulous. I would recommend this box if you are looking for new cruelty free products, and want to step away from the more main line brands.  I really really like this box!  If you want to subscribe to Benevolent Box visit http://www.cratejoy.com/subscription-box/benevolent-beauty-box/

One more subscription box to review, and then we wait until next month!!!

Talk to ya’ll soon,


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