Dumpster Diving for Beauty’s sake

WHAT THE WHAT??  I must live under a rock, or I just have totally missed so many things, because last night I discovered dumpster makeup hauls on All I can say is WHAT???? I mean really, WHAT???  I love makeup, I have makeup dreams and there are products I would LOVE to have. I mean really, at Christmas time I have visions of eye palettes dancing in my head instead of sugarplums, but using makeup from the dumpster? I just don’t know about that.  No, really I do know about that, and I know it is something that is NOT for me.  I’m too afraid of germs to do this.

Before anyone gets upset with me, let me say I do understand that people dumpster dive for food, clothes, or coupons, but makeup? Rats live in dumpsters.  Dumpsters have bacteria in them. The makeup that is in the dumpster is usually used.  Using makeup that has been used by another person is not very hygienic .  I know people do it, but still it’s not very hygienic.  Before it gets ugly in the comments I should say I was one of the girls in high that shared makeup before we knew what a bad idea that was. I’ve had pink eye, probably from sharing eyeliner, but that was what we did back then. It was the 80’s we didn’t care, probably because most of us were high on Aqua Net fumes, but now in 2016 we know more.  We know that sharing makeup is a bad idea.  There are more bacteria living and growing than ever before.  Dumpster diving for makeup is not a good idea. I am not trying to sound like a snob.  I have a makeup dream list.  I have products that I would love to own.  I just can’t imagine pulling them from the dumpster and using them on my face.

You may be wondering how products reach the dumpster in the first place, I know I was curious.  Stores damage out products for several reasons.  One reason is the product was returned and had been used.  If the product is used the store cannot sell it so it’s damaged out and tossed.  Another reason for tossing a product is the company repackaged the product and the store has the product that is outdated.  Those products are tossed.  They’ve never been used, but they are no longer a brand standard and must be thrown away.  Stores also damage out products that are expired, and yes, makeup does expire.  Once out of date the products can no longer be sold.  Store employees are sometimes instructed to damage the products so they cannot be used.  Employees will take foundation or other liquid makeup that is to be destroyed, and pour over the other products to damage them.  In the dumpster diving world this is called souping.  Souping is designed to keep people from taking products from the dumpster.  It does not.

Since I have learned about this trend I have started doing some research.  I have learned a lot, and now I’m going to share with you.

  • Dumpster diving can be illegal.  If you are going to dive into a dumpster to look for anything please know the law in your area.  Even if the dumpster is in an alleyway it is not always legal for you to go through.  Just don’t dive without knowing if you are doing it legally.
  • Sanitizing makeup with alcohol is a common practice.  I can see using this for eyeshadow and other non liquid products, but using alcohol to sanitize would not be effective with liquid products.  It would only thin the makeup, and I think it would burn when applied to your face.  Makeup artists use this technique to sanitize makeup, but they also use disposable brushes as well, and their makeup is not stored in a dumpster!
  • Reselling products online is very common.  Some of the people dumpster dive and resell on Ebay.  I wonder if they disclose in the advertisement that the makeup was obtained from a dumpster?  I wouldn’t bid on that for sure!  Other things I’ve seen are Youtubers giving away hauls on their channels.  Usually when they do these giveaways they are highlighting their dumpster dive, so they are not hiding the fact that the products are from the dive.
  • Dumpster diving does keep product from going to the landfill, at least initially.  In the end empty product containers will end up in the landfill anyway, but some dumpster divers feel they are saving the environment by “rescuing” the product from the dumpster.

I am going to link a video from YouTube here so you all can see this trend.  I want to say that in no way am I judging or condemning anyone who dumpster dives for any reason, sometimes people need to dumpster dive for food and basic necessities.  It makes me sad that we live in a world where dumpster diving is necessary for some people, but that’s another post.  I still don’t believe that dumpster diving for makeup is a good practice, but to each their own.

What are your thoughts on dumpster diving for makeup?  Let me know!

Talk to ya’ll later!


These girls are diving WITHOUT gloves or any kind of protective wear!  Ewwwwww!


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