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The list is getting longer, and that is a good thing. I have made the choice to go cruelty free with all my makeup products. I do not want to use cosmetics that are tested on animals. I will also be transitioning all of my beauty products to cruelty free. That process will take a bit longer, but I am committed to do this.

I am compiling a list of the companies that are cruelty free. I know it will not be a complete list, but I want to get it started. I will start with brands that I know are cruelty free, and add from there. Before the brand will be added to my list I will research and verify that the brand is cruelty free. If there is any doubt and I am not able to verify I will not add the brand to my list. If you have suggestions for me please let me know and I’ll do the research.

Anastasia Beverly Hills
Ardency Inn (I have received a mascara from them in my Benevolent Box! It’s nice!)
Butter London
Color FX
Hard Candy
IT Cosmetics
Kat Von D
Kylie Cosmetics
Makeup Geek
Too Faced
Ulta brand
Urban Decay
Wet N Wild

There are many more cruelty free brands I’m sure, but this list is just a start.  If you don’t see your favorite brand on this list, let me know, I’ll do the research and see what I find out.  There are several companies that don’t test on animals in the US, but sell in China.  The law in China states all foreign cosmetic companies must test on animals.  Sadly, it’s the law in China.  If you don’t see your favorite brand on the list check and see if they sell in China, if so, now you know why they are not cruelty free.

Let me know your thoughts on this, I look forward to the conversation.

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  1. Ha! good to know my fav brands are not listed 🙂 meanwhile it was interesting to know that there are brands that are cruel to animals, I had no idea!

    Thanks for this,


    1. SoutherngirlinArizona SoutherngirlinArizona

      I feel that way too Ashley! I will say one of my favorite brands, Benefit is not cruelty free because they sell in China. It makes me sad, but I think it’s important not to test on animals! Thanks for reading, stay tuned I have a post about the drugstore brands that are cruelty free coming soon!

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