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Oh what a great day today was! I went to the mailbox and my November Morphe Me package was waiting for me! I just love when my subscriptions boxes start arriving!


I subscribed to Morphe Me in October, and this is my second box, and I was not disappointed! The Morphe Me box is $19.99 a month and you receive three brushes each month. For me that is totally worth it. I love makeup brushes as much as I love makeup itself. They are so much fun to use, and let’s face it, they can be fancy!

For November, I received three brushes and a Morphe blending sponge, a little extra surprise for me this month! I love surprises! Anyway, this month Morphe brush M551 a nice big and soft blending brush. It’s about 8″ long with a thick, soft, black bristles. Did I mention it is soft??? So very soft!!! In fact all of the Morphe brushes I’ve recieved have been very soft!

The second brush in the package is M517, a eyeshadow blending brush. This brush is about 7″ long with white bristles that meet in a slightly pointed tip. This will be a great brush to blend shadow and get that perfectly blended eye!  It will be great to use with any shadow, but why not try out the Morphe palettes!

The third brush is Morphe M528.  This brush is a contour brush.  This brush will help you achieve the perfect highlight or contour to make your cheeks sparkle.  The contour brush is about the same length as the shadow blending brush.  All of these brushes have a sturdy handle that makes application easy.

Finally in my package today is a Morphe flawless beauty sponge.  It’s pink, and very similar to all the other blending sponges on the market today.  It was a nice addition to this package, as the theme this month is blending and this sponge goes right along with that.  Also included in the package is a full colored description paper.  It has nice images and shows the brushes being used by models.

morpheme-november-2016-review morphe-1

I’ve only had this subscription for two months, but I really enjoy it.  At $19.99 per month I really think the subscription is a good value.  If you’re like me and have a slight obsession with makeup brushes you will enjoy Morphe! My link for the subscription box is below if you are interested in this great box.

Let me know what you think if you join!

See ya’ll next time!


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